"Damals war es Gegenwart"
Memoirs of Eva Macrander-Aschkinass

(German, 2.86Mb)
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Otto August Georg Macrander, born in April 1903 in Wetzlar and the only son of Emil Georg Macrander (*1857-†1918) and Regina Immel (*1867-†1910), emigrated in the 30s of the last century from Germany to Brazil, together with his wife Eva Hedwig Aschkinass, daughter of a wealthy Jewish family. A flight because of the rising Nazism. Read their story in the enclosed family chronicle, beautifully written by Sidney George Macrander (*1935).
(Otto Macrander, 1933)
(Eva Aschkinass. 1931)
"The first Macranders in Brazil"
A detailed family chronicle by
Sidney George Macrander

(English 1.95Mb)
Below the memoirs of Eva Hedwig Macrander-Aschkinass (*1908-†2000), part of a publication entitled "Damals war es Gegenwart. Lebenserinnerungen aus dem 20. Jahrhundert".