Stefaan Macrander (*1904-†1974)
Theo Macrander
Theo Macrander (*1941-†1971)
Bidprentje S.J. Macrander 1904-1974
Bidprentje W.J. Borghuis 1909-1987
Bidprentje Theo Macrander
S.J. Macrander - 1904-1974
Trouwboekje S.J. Macrander en W.J. Borghuis - 30.10.1934
Willemien Borghuis in 1929
Stefaan Macrander
abt. 1925
Stefaan Macrander (top left)
with friends abt. 1925
Stefaan Macrander (bottom left) and friends
Stefaan Macrander (4th from left) and friends
German forced labor (Verpflichtungsbescheid)
Stefaan Macrander, 17-07-1944
Stefaan Macrander (*1904-†1974)
ca. 1910
Stef Macrander 1904-1974
Borculoschen weg 5 Eibergen - 1930
Ria-Stef-Annie Macrander - Eibergen
Annie-Stef-Theo-Ria Macrander - Eibergen
Familiefoto 1917 - J. Borghuis-C.M. Klein Nijenhuis
Stefaan (*1904) Macrander &
Willemien Borghuis (*1909)
Engagement 1932
Swimming was done in open water at the Mill of Mallum, Eibergen (NL)
House of Stefaan Macrander & Willemien Borghuis at Borculoseweg No. 5 in Eibergen (NL). This photo is made in 1930.
Family portrait 1917  (J. Borghuis & C.M. Klein Nijenhuis)
Top row: Marie, Dina, Jan
Front row: Theo, Johannes Borghuis, Christina Maria Klein Nijenhuis, Willemina Johanna (Willemien *1909)
Maria Johanna (Ria, *1936), Stephanus Johannes (Stef, *1940) and  Johanna Bernadina Cornelia (Annie, *1937) Macrander of Eibergen (NL).
Johanna Bernadina Cornelia (Annie, 1937), Stephanus Johannes (Stef, 1940), Theodorus Josephus (Theo, 1941) and Maria Johanna (Ria, 1936) Macrander of Eibergen (NL).
Marriage certificate of S.J. Macrander & W.J. Borghuis - marriage 30-10-1934
Prayercard of Theo Macrander
Prayercard of Willemien Borghuis
Prayercard of Stefaan Macrander