This seal comes from a deed of sale from 20-04-1777. The original deed came in my possession through Sidney Macrander from Brazil, descendant of  Master White Leather Tanner Johnannes Macrander (*1745-†1800). The deed concerns the sale of a tanner workshop to  Master White Leather Tanner Johannes Macrander by "Geschwistern" (brother and sister) Hans Henrich Macrander and Elisabeth Macrander, assisted by their guardians Johann Jacob Macrander and Conrad Deis.

The seal is right next to the signature. The initials are 'I-I M' and not 'H M', as could be thought. Which Johann Jacob Macrander it here concerns is not yet known. Possibly it concerns Johann Jacob Macrander (*1744-†1782), a brother of the above mentioned Johannes Macrander (*1745-†1800).
Seal from 1777 of Johann Jacob Macrander