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Georg Jacob (Georg 'der Ältere') Macrander (*1822-†1907)

He was the younger brother of Dr. Johannes Friedrich Jacob (Jacob) Macrander (*1810-†1859) and Johannes (John) Macrander (*1819-†1910) who had both emigrated to North America.
(photo taken in 1900)
Georg Jacob Macrander was born March 2nd 1822 in Wetzlar. Of his youth there is scant information, given that he was both withdrawn and uncommunicative, hardly ever talking about his early years. Of his “Sturm und Drang”  years (wild youth or younger years) one only knows that from September 13th 1844 through June 5th 1847 he took to the road. His still extant “Wanderpass” (Travelling book) shows admittance/departure stamps from several cities/regions in Germany (then Prussia), Austria, Switzerland and France, wherefrom on June 5th he returned to Prussia as shown on stamp of the Parisian Police Prefecture.

Once back in Wetzlar, one knows that, apparently, to show his support for the 1848 revolution, he hoisted the “Red Flag” on his front-yard.

Somewhat later he felt himself called upon to introduce and disseminate the gospel of the Catholic Apostolic Church at Wetzlar. He was committed to the mission. He was the founder of the department established in Wetzlar on 31-12-1854. Later on, 1855 was considered to be the founding year. He was the soul/spindle of the association. This religious subgroup of the English High-Church in Germany attracted its followers from certain circles of the Silesian High Nobility and Rhineland Bourgeoisie. Also his son Christian was active in this. Their services were held in among others the house 'Der Hexer' at the Sandgasse 6 in Wetzlar.

Georg Jacob was a Master leather tanner by profession. By inheritance he became the owner of the tannery on the Lahninsel (Lahn isle) in Wetzlar and organized his household thereon. In the Franco-Prussian War (1870-1871) he became supplier for the Prussian Army making a fortune of around 100.000 Mark as a result. Since then, he and his family were known as “the rich Macranders”.

As of the demise of his wife, Luise Schäfer, he lived for a while in Wetzlar. Later on he lived for a while at the home of his eldest daughter in the Harz, prior to passing away on February 22nd, 1907 in Clausthal-Zellerfeld (Harz) a few days short of his 85th birthday.

The great-grandsons of Georg Jacob Macrander, Johannes Karl Rudolf Macrander and Sidney George Macrander, currently live in respectively Otterndorf (Germany) and São Paulo (Brazil).
"Wanderpass" (Travelling book) from 1840 of Georg Jacob Macrander
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A deed of 20-04-1777, stating that the orphans Hans Henrich and Elisabeth Macrander sold the tannery workshop of their deceased parents, to Weissgerber Meister (Master white tanner) Johannes Macrander (*1745-†1800). Johannes was the grandfather of Georg Jacob Macrander.
Tanner certificate of Georg Jacob Macrander from 24-06-1851
A deed from 23-04-1853, apparently on an inventory distribution among the brothers, Jacob, John, George and Christian Macrander
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Lahninsel in Wetzlar, the past
(home and workshop of Georg Jacob Macrander)
Lahninsel in Wetzlar, present day
After the death of his wife, Luise Schäfer, Georg Jacob Macrander lived for a while in Wetzlar. Later he lived for a while at the home of his eldest daughter in the Harz until his sudden death on 22 February 1907 in Clausthal-Zellerfeld (Harz), a few days before his 85th birthday.
Photo abt. 1899. Georg Jacob Macrander with grandchildren Macrander, Müller and Daum.
1. Emma Daum; 2. Lendien Daum; 3. Helene Macrander; 4. Georg Jacob Macrander;
5. Luise Macrander; 6. Emma Müller; 7. Wilhelm Müller; 8. Hans Macrander;
9. Georg Macrander; 10. Karl Daum; 11. Marie Müller; 12. Emma Macrander;
13. Marta Müller (picture apparently added later). Otto Macrander was not born yet.