Family portrait from 1900, 70th birthday of Margarete Junker-Wecker
1. Christian Johannes (Christian) Macrander (*1855-†1929)
2. Eliese (Lisa) Macrander-Junker (*1863-
3. Amalie Scheerer-Junker (*1865-†1956)
4. Karl Scheerer (*1865-†1929)
5. Georg Macrander (*1893-†1979)
6. Johann (Hans) Macrander (*1895-†1914), killed in WW1
7. Margarete Junker-Wecker
8. Charlotte Amalie (“großes Lotti”) Scheerer (*1899)
9. Helene (Leni) Macrander (*abt.1892-†abt.1911)
10. Therese Marta Lina (
Marta) Scheerer (*1898-†1991)
11. Frieda Scheerer
Georg, Hans and Leni were children of Christian Macrander and his 1st wife, Anna Saueressig. Half-brother Karl Macrander was only born in 1905.
Christian Johannes (Christian) Macrander (*1855-†1929), son of Georg Jacob Macrander and Luise Schaefer. Photographed here with his first wife Anna Saueressig, mother of Helene (Leni), Georg and Johann (Hans) Macrander.
Wetzlar - Sandgasse 6
Wetzlar, Sandgasse 6, called 'Der Hexer'. Above the pictures of the house of the past and present.

The family of Christian Macrander lived in this house,
previously owned by father Georg Jacob Macrander (*1822-†1907). Like his father, Georg Jacob Macrander, Christian belonged to the evangelical community. He was a lay priest in this, nowadays almost not existing, church from 1922. The Catholic Apostolic Church, also called Irvingians. Their services were held in the aforementioned house 'Der Hexer'. (Georg Jacob Macrander used to be a leather tanner and also had a home/workshop at the Lahninsel.)

The house later went on to son Georg Macrander (*1893†1979) who lived and worked as a Lederhändler (
merchant in leather goods). Georg was the older brother of Hans Macrander who was killed in France in 1914 during the 1st World War. Elsewhere on this page a memorial plate.
Helene (Leni) Macrander (*abt.1892-†abt.1911), daughter and oldest child of Christian Macrander and his 1st wife Anna Saueressig. She died at the age of 19.
Gedenkplaat 1914 (1)
Gedenkplaat 1914 (2)
Johann (Hans) Macrander (*abt.1895-†1914) here in uniform, son and 2nd child of Christian Macrander and his 1st wife Anna Saueressig. Hans was war volunteer and served in the Landwehr Infantry Regiment No.116, III. Bataillon, 10. Company. He became seriously injured at Baraque (Champagne) on 20-12-1914 and died a day later on 21-12-1914 in French war captivity, just before Christmas in the 1st war year. He was buried at St. Etiennes-a-Arnes Cemetery (F), block 8, grave 64. Thus, just like his sister Helene, Hans became only 19 years old. On either side of Hans's picture, the iron memorial plates hanging in the old dome of Wetzlar. He is listed under the name "Macrander Joh.", 6th from below.

Eliese (Lisa) Macrander-Junker (*1863-†1940), the 2nd wife of Christian Johannes Macrander and mother of Karl Macrander.
Altes Rathaus Wetzlar 2
Eliese (Lisa) Macrander-Junker
Karl Macrander
Karl Macrander (*1905), son from the 2nd marriage of Christian Johannes Macrander
Christian Johannes Macrander with Karl Macrander
From left to right: Christian Johannes Macrander, Karl Macrander (son of 2nd marriage), Eliese Junker (Christian's 2nd wife), Georg Macrander (son of 1st marriage) and his wife Frieda and their little son Hans Georg.
The photo is from around 1928 during a radio demonstration.
Left: Karl_Scheerer and Amalie Junker;
Right: Christian Johannes Macrander and Eliese Junker.
Between his grandmothers: Alfred Macrander (*1919-†1960), son of Georg Macrander (*1893-†1979) and Frieda Scheerer (*1894-†1984)